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Rick is now a quarter of the way through a 58 show run in the Everly Brothers' biographical show, Walk Right Back, which is currently touring the length and breadth of the UK. Rick's appearance as Johnny Cash, during a section of the show that showcases the Alan Freed package shows of the 1950's, is being very well received. His role as Cash is a cameo of sorts as Rick is also the upright/electric bassist on the show, representing the great Floyd "Lightning" Chance.


For the package show sequence, keyboard player Sean McAusland moves to upright bass, with Tom Wright on guitar to recreate the sound of the Tennessee Two. The most amusing thing is when the cast go out to meet and greet the audience after the show, many of them have been asking, "where's the guy that played Johnny Cash?" Rick takes this as a big compliment. 


Walk Right Back Tour continues until the second week in July. The cast and crew, at the time of writing, are getting ready for their performance at The Grove Theatre in Dunstable.
Once this main tour ends there will be other selected dates in the UK, and a tour of Canada in September. From there on, anything could happen...

See below for Walk Right Back's main tour schedule, and also the Canadian tour. Any other comfirmed dates will be added to our calendar.

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