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The Story is well known to many but Johnny Cash himself is sadly no longer with us. The original Tennessee Three, featuring Marshall Grant on bass, Luther Perkins on guitar, and W.S. “Fluke” Holland on drums, have all now passed away, but all is not lost. What remains is a huge legacy of music and a lifetime of great memories and legendary stories.

Those who were lucky enough to see Johnny Cash perform live know that he had an undeniable charisma, a mischievous sense of humour and a huge strength of character that often saw him standing up for the underdogs of the world.

A show such as CASH Revisited could never hope to replicate anything like the achievements of Johnny Cash, and we make no such claim to do so. What we can do is to try and recreate, to the very best of our ability, the experience of seeing Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, live in concert as we ourselves would love to see it. We pride ourselves on performing those classic songs, including Grammy award winning duets with his wife, June Carter, as close as possible to the way they were originally presented, with the utmost respect to the original hits.CASH Revisited presents the very best of Johnny Cash, from the early days at Sun Records, through the many years at Columbia Records and on to the now legendary “American Recordings”.

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