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Continuing from my last blog entry, here's another first hand account of our third JOHNNY CASH REVISITED show at Witham Public Hall 01-03-14

I started the day very tired. Mark Jacobs had stayed overnight after The Secombe Theatre show and we’d stayed up talking and drinking until 4.30am. I should point out that I was drinking tea, but as the night rolled on I moved on to neat undiluted milk. Oh yeah, I’m rock ‘n’ roll! I was on too much of a high from the previous night’s show to sleep, and anyway, Mark and I never sleep much when we get together.

After eating a pile of bacon sandwiches for lunch we all left for our show at Witham Public Hall. This venue is very new to me, in that until three weeks ago, I’d never been in the place, except for when I dropped off a bunch of posters and flyers one day and walked into the middle of the local “blood donor” session. I hate needles but luckily, I escaped unpricked! The only other time I'd been there was with Marc Robinson two weeks before our show to see my old buddies The Doggone Honkabillies play a birthday party.

We were welcomed on our arrival at the venue by a lovely guy called Derek, who later handed over to Nigel, who runs the place. Both were very relaxed, which in turn made our time setting up and getting ready much more relaxed. With the first show under our belts, we were all a lot less stressed anyway and ended up with more time to run through some of the numbers and get the sound right. Chads Bradbury was out doing sound on another show with Marc Robinson so we gave our own new system its first run out. Luckily, as I’m totally unfamiliar with the desk, Shane O’Borne sorted everything out and all was good. He did give me a shopping list of things I need to get to complete the set up though. Unlike the night before, there were a lot of people in the audience that we knew, and who have supported us regularly for years on our various ventures. It was both wonderful to have them there, yet scary because this was going to be soooo different from what they were used to seeing and hearing from us.

We had the same band as the night before and I’d made a mental list of some little points I thought needed attention. I needn’t have worries as it turned out the band had made a similar list and all points had been dealt with. This meant that by the time it came to “curtain up” we were all ready and raring to go. The Witham audience was closer to the stage than in Sutton so they sounded much louder, but maybe they WERE louder, I can’t be sure. I think that one particular guy may have made it to both shows because again, when I (Johnny) stated that Columbia Records had dropped me from the label, there was a resounding shout of “The ba****ds!” from almost exactly the same place in the crowd as the night before. One other thing I will remember for a while happened backstage in the interval when I was changing my 50’s style wig for the longer 80’s style wig. I hadn’t had time to do the change the night before, and as I said, I also was unaware of just how strong this new glue I bought is. Before I attempted to put on the second wig I grabbed a handful of green paper towels to wipe the sweat from my head, but as soon as I did it, the towels stuck fast and I could NOT get it off. I eventually, and in a panic because we were due to start the second half of the show, scrubbed it off with one of those green washing up scouring pads, which wasn’t pleasant.

We met with some old friends and made a few new ones after the show who we hope to see again soon. To sum it up, our show at Witham Public Hall was a great success and we can’t wait to go back. Roll on 28th and 29th March so we can do it all again, but this time, my Mum and Dad will be watching!! (I can’t spell that noise people make when they’re scared so use your imagination here.)

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