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We were backed on stage and headlined on Friday night, May 5th by some great musicians Rick and Jodie McKay and their band called Starkville. These guys put on a great show and do so all over England and in other countries. 
It was an honour having them work with us on stage at Hemsby and we are excited about some more potential U.K. shows with Rick & Jodie in 2017.
WS "Fluke" Holland
Drummer with Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three 1960 -1997

WS Holland with Jodie & Rick McKay
"After hearing so many great things about Rick McKay and Johnny Cash Revisited I am totally excited to have the opportunity to work on stage with them during our U.K. tour in May 2016. Rick and the band are doing an excellent job of keeping Johnny (Cash's) music alive and well in the U.K. and for that we are grateful" 
WS "Fluke" Holland
Drummer with Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three 1960 -1997

“The attention to detail is striking. I would recommend Johnny CDave Roe: Bassist with Johnny Cash 1991-2003ash Revisited to anyone from die hard old Johnny Cash fans, to newcomers who want to hear the real deal.”
Dave Roe
Bassist with Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three – 1991-2003

"For me, as one of the audience, there are two things that enthral me about Rick McKay’s performance as Cash. Firstly, he never steps out of character: from the black three-quarter length black coat to the very real sounding Arkansas accent (he actually speaks ‘Estuary’ of the Essex variety, which surprised a great many of the audience members when they met him later in the foyer of the Beehive) to the acerbic sense of humour, to the genuine sense of commitment to social justice – he channels Cash. Secondly, his imitation is perfect. And I don’t mean that he sounds ‘like Johnny Cash’. I closed my eyes and listened, and I thought ‘That’s Johnny Cash’. End of. He’s that good."
Neil Madden
The Beehive, Honiton

"Absolutely fabulous show last night in Wallingford. So good to hear such talented musicians clearly enjoying themselves. This really transmits to the audience. Rick is truly superb as Johnny Cash. The best live entertainment I've had in years. If you get the chance go along and see them, you won't be disappointed."
Anthony Wilson
Corn Exchange, Wallingford

“Blown away last night! The performance in Witham had the hairs on the back of me neck up...Very well done!”
Richard Brine‎

“Massive thanks for last Friday in Witham. Superb yet again! Loved the new line up! Merry Xmas to you all! Cannot wait until next show!”
Richard Brine

“Great show at Tribfest Music Festival. Loved it!”
Pure Pearl Jam

“I’ve played behind several Johnny Cash inspired tribute singers, including a personal friend of the great man, and also was privileged to play behind JC’s younger brother, Tommy Cash, but I’ve never heard ANYONE capture the actual vocal sound of Johnny Cash quite as well as Rick McKay. It’s uncanny. Good luck with it!”
Harley Dave

“The best one and a half hours of my life! Absolutely brilliant!!
Stuart Charman
Welshpool Country Music Festival

“Jeez Rick, that is mind-blowing, it really is! Walk The Line. Totally Awesome!!”
Phil Tilbury

“Had an awesome time last night watching my friends do their show. You were both amazing and it sounded great. Xx
“They’re playing in Witham in March. Bloody Fantastic”
“You guys were truly amazing and Rick McKay, the accent was fantastic! I will try my hardest to get tickets for Witham”
Sarah Jane Drysdale

“It was very entertaining. I was grinning and singing all the way through, from I Walk The Line to The Man Comes Around.
Keith Baxter
The Famous Potatoes

“Absolutely brilliant night tonight! Thank you!!”
Chris Maddison

“Two of my friends were at the show last night and said it was fantastic!”
Nilton Hargrave

“Absolutely perfect. What a brilliant night!”
Pamela Elcock

“What a night! Me and Zoe had a great time, band was great, best night in ages. Well done you two. Ab fab. Will definitely come again and again and again. Thank you for a lovely evening. Xxxxxxx
Evie Phillips

“Your performance was sensational! We will definitely have you back in the future. Thanks for a great show!!!”
Marvellous Festivals

“Hi Guys. Once again Mr McKay you have surpassed yourself imho. What a cracking version of Hurt buddy. Can’t wait to see you both up here soon.”
Peter McNaught
The Dirty Hat Band

“Many thanks Rick McKay and Jodie McKay for a real great evening. Our friends, Chris & Marika, Shirley & I really had a wonderful time - one of the most enjoyable live evenings we have had in a long time! Thanks to the great musicians on stage with you (lovely to see Mark Jacobs again!). And thanks for staying behind after the show to see your fans, especially as you have such a busy few days. Safe travelling, and once again, many thanks for a great show”
Edward Moulsley

“Great show last night! Love Johnny Cash and you did him and June proud. Hope to see you again soon.”
Janet Sawyer

“Brilliant night thanks. Can't wait to see you again at Shakedown.”
Wendy Hayden

“It was an amazing night. Loved it all. See you again.”
Penny Harries

“Brilliant and up to your usual high standards, can't wait until next year xxx”
Pauline Hughes

“Absolutely brilliant. Sounded exactly the same as the great man in black himself. I'll be bringing friends and family to the next show.”
Lee Wilson

“It was a fab night!
Stephanie Clampett

“THANKYOU for a brilliant show at Exeter. We enjoyed it very much. If any one likes Johnny Cash go to see this show...Brilliant band as well. Every one put so much into it. Great to see you both again xx”
Carol Rogers

“Just came back from the marvellous festival show would just like to say a big thank you what a excellent show you put on best show of the night”

“We very much enjoyed your 2 hour show in Sutton on 28.2.2014. If you come to this area again we would love to see you all again. All the best for the rest of the tour and recommended to all!
Kathleen Hegarty and Friends

“Hope the series goes well buddy, will try come see you in Sutton. Regards”
Steve & Laura Smiley

“We wish you hardworking guys good luck with this show and maybe one day we will see you on the London Stage and we can say those guys have worked at our club. Well done!”
Colin & Suzy

“We were there and what a show you both put on, looked and sounded great! Thank you.”
Sean Drysdale

“Saw your show last night can not be faulted after listening to cash since I was in school was quite amazing seeing you sing, look and act like him. Jodie really added to the show great voice and guitar. Will be seeing you again.”
Chris Hayto

“I've heard you do Cash before but you sound more like him than ever! Well done Rick”
Ron Sawyers

"I came to Witham Public Hall to see your tribute show Johnny Cash Revisited. in my opinion you were 100% brilliant and I will come and watch you again. Fantastic music, well worth watching you preform. Job well done!"
Craig Thompson

"Great show tonight at Braintree Arts Theatre, loved it! Make sure you come back to Braintree! And I hope your guitar feels better soon!"
Alison Deith

"Absolutely awesome!!! Thank you for a fanstatic evening!"
Bowie Waplington

"Was a good night you both were amazing keep up the good work!" 
Karl Waplington

"Well, the Johnny Cash Revisited show on Saturday was excellent. Well worth the 400 mile round trip!"  
Jude Rolfe
www.Johnny Cash

"The best I've ever heard, good band, good music and a good night. Thank you."
Paul Oldman Scotchford