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Updated 21st June 2019

Three dates are now on sale for The Johnny Cash Revisited: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2019. Full information is available from the venues and on our SHOW DATES page. 




Updated 1st February 2018

Work is well underway on a brand new Johnny Cash Revisited CD. The album, a collaboration between Rick and Gary Mears, with the pair playing all instruments themselves. Jodie Mckay will also feature in the role of June Carter, as well as providing backing vocals. When finished the musical tracks from the album will also provide the backing for Rick's new solo show, set to launch in the near future. 

The full show, featuring live band, Starkville, will continue to play selected dates, although there will not be as many dates as in previous years. This is mainly due to a choice to work without a "promoter" and keep everything "in-house". We are currently in negotiations with a number of venues and show dates will be announced immediately on confirmation.

In 2014, Gary Mears joined Johnny Cash Revisited, playing keyboards with Starkville. His very first show was a baptism by fire, in that it was also our first national TV performance on the Smith & Rogers Country Show. That said, Gary fit in as though he'd always been there and his passion for detail, coupled with his musical prowess, proved invaluable from there on. Unfortunately, the pressures of touring all over the UK, while simultaneously running his own full-time business on the south coast, forced him to leave the show after a year, leaving a hole in the band that we chose not to refill. Toward the end of 2016, Gary's passion for music finally won out and he closed his business, making the choice to pursue music full-time once again. As luck would have it, this all happened to coincide with Rick's plans to develop his solo version of Johnny Cash Revisited and a partnership was formed. The pair are working very closely behind the scenes on the technical and musical aspects of the show, while on stage, Gary will officially be back where he should be, behind his piano. 

Updated 2nd January 2018

First of all we'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year from all of us here at
After taking a year off from touring we're hard at work planning for 2018 and beyond. Rick is rebooting his solo show and aiming it at smaller, more intimate venues, allowing him to explore a wider range of Johnny Cash's material, from all stages of his career. This will mean fewer dates for the full two-hour production, featuring the show's live band, Starkville, although it will still pop up from time to time in selected theatres, concerts and festivals.

Rick McKay is currently selecting songs for a new album of Johnny Cash songs. The focus of the album will be to highlight some great songs from Johnny Cash's repertoire that have sometimes been overlooked, or that could not be included in our live show because of time restrictions, and of course the need to include as many of Johnny Cash's biggest hits as possible in a two-hour show. 

Johnny Cash Revisited and Rick McKay are now solely represented by Rickord Productions after a parting of ways with our previous promoter. Anyone wishing to book Rick's solo show, or our full show with a live band, is welcome to contact us directly, using the information provided on our contact page. Steve Halliday

Steve Halliday has performed his tribute to his idol, Elvis Presley, all over the world as well as being a finalist in BBC1's "World's Greatest Elvis" TV show. In this new show Steve Halliday, alongside Rick McKay as Johnny Cash, will perform songs that marked some of the surprising parallels in the careers of these two legendary performers. More information on this show is available on our "Elvis & Cash" page, and you can also find out more about Steve Halliday on his own website at 



Updated 10th May 2016

Rick McKay with 'WS 'Fluke' HollandAs career highlights go, Friday 6th May 2016 will remain with us for a very long time. To stand on stage singing the songs of my hero, Johnny Cash is a privilege I don’t take lightly, but to glance over my left shoulder and see “The Father of the Drums” W S “Fluke” Holland playing alongside me ranks as one of the proudest moments of my life, let alone my career!
Yes, it’s nice to be on stage and playing to a great crowd, but for me, the music itself has always been my passion. To play those songs with that driving and very distinctive backbeat, that I’ve been listening to for as long as I’ve been walking, gave me a rush like no drug or wad of money could ever come close to.
All of us involved with Johnny Cash Revisited would like to give our sincere thanks to Fluke, and his manager/guitarist Ron Haney, for giving us this great opportunity to stand on stage and perform with them.
We would also like to thank Willie and Varick Jeffery, who are the organisers of the Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekenders, for making it all happen.

Click HERE to see some video clips from our performance with WS Holland on drums

Updated 9th March 2016

Johnny Cash Revisited is back in 2016 with a bang. The newly updated show features new songs and some changes to the line up of our band, Starkville. Lee Hodgson has recently replaced Mark Jacobs on Lead guitar. Mark has moved on to concentrate on his own band, although we'll still see him from time to time. Our original drummer, Andy Frost is back with us to complete our own version of the "Tennessee Three" with John Standen on double bass.

Since we took a break after our 2015 Christmas shows, we've been making some changes to the list of songs we include in our show. Although, the show would last a week if we included everything we'd like to, we have been listening to our audience members and have added some of the songs that have been requested the most. "Forty Shades Of Green", "Hey Porter", "Hurt" to name a few as well as some great new songs from Starkville, featuring Lee Hodgson and John Standen on lead vocals. We're also working on Jodie's portrayal of June Carter and will looking to add more of Johnny and June's duets.


Updated 26th January 2016

Johnny Cash's one and only drummer will be arriving in the UK soon to perform with Rick McKay & Starkville at the Hemsby #56 Rock 'n' Roll Weekender. 


Updated Saturday 23rd January 2016

We can now confirm that Rick's solo show will be entitled "The Sound of Johnny Cash". New dates will be announced soon which will fit in between our current shows. Rick's schedule this year includes him taking on the role of  The Big Bopper in "Buddy Holly's Winter Dance Party" to celebrate, what would have been Buddy Holly's 80th birthday. Alongside Marc Robinson as Buddy Holly, Tim Harwood as Ritchie Valens and Steve Halliday as Dion Di Mucci, Rick will be touring extensively throughout this year.
Unfortunately, this means there will be less Johnny Cash Revisited shows in 2016, but rest assured, 2017 will be a big year for JCR, travelling farther and wider than in any previous year. Details of all confirmed dates for 2016 and 2017 are available on this site and also on our Facebook page.

Updated Thursday 27th August 2015

We're happy to announce that Rick will be playing a number of solo shows during 2016 alongside full Johnny Cash Revisited shows with Jodie McKay and Starkville City. The solo show will be a combination of acoustic 'unplugged" songs, and full band backing tracks. Rick is looking forward to being able to vary his repertoire of Johnny Cash songs to include some that he has been unable to squeeze into the full show. In addition to Johnny's music, Rick will also be switching to lead guitar to pay tribute to some of Cash's Sun Records label mates and other rock 'n' roll and country music legends. 
Having played for more than 15 years as solo act with nothing but his guitar for accompaniment, Rick is looking forward to returning to the more intimate setting of such performances, which will offer a nice contrast to the full show. The first of these dates will be announced in the coming weeks and will be added to our gig guide.

The Sound of Johnny Cash

Updated 21st August 2015

The august issue of Vintage Rock magazine celebrates the 60th anniversary of the release of Johnny Cash’s first single on Sun Records, Hey Porter/Cry, Cry, Cry. There are a number of items about Johnny Cash as well as articles about Carl perkins, Sleepy La Beef, The Polecats and the brand new documentary about Billy Fury. In the regular “All Mama’s Children” section of the mag there is also a feature about Johnny Cash Revisited. We’re very proud to be included in such an important issue and would like to thank Leah Fitz-Henry and Rik Flynn at Vintage Rock for getting in touch with us and for helping to spread the word about our show.
If you haven’t read this magazine then you’re most definitely missing out. It’s full of great info and has a different and more interesting look at Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Rockabilly music than the norm. 

The magazine is currently offering a great deal on subscriptions which Rick has just signed up for. You can find out all you need to know at...
VR Article

We’d would like to thank Bill Guntrip for booking Johnny Cash Revisited to play at this years Rock ‘n’ Roll Shakedown weekender. We were all a bit unsure of what to expect when performing a complete set of Johnny Cash’s music for such a true Rockin’ crowd, but we needn’t have worried. From our opening number it was obvious that the crowd were there to have fun and they gave us one of the best gigs we’ve ever had, not just for this show, but for any show I’ve been involved in. It was nice to finally meet Willie Jeffery and get a chance to chat with him in person too. We’re really looking forward to performing with WS ‘Fluke’ Holland on drums at Willie’s Hemsby #56 in May 2016.
Thanks again to Bill Guntrip and to Willie Jeffery for giving us a chance to play at these great events.

Due to an increasing number of requests, Rick has begun taking on a few solo shows as Johnny Cash. We’ve added a new page to our site with all the information you will need if you want to book Rick for your event or venue, or if you simply want to know more about it.

Rick will be performing as Johnny Cash in Marc Robinson’s Hank, Cash & Cline in Scotland during September with a couple more dates in October and December. Full details will be posted on in our gig guide. The show also features Marc Robinson as Hank Williams, Sue Lowry as Patsy Cline with backing from the Driftwood Cowboys.

A scaled down version of the show, suitable for smaller venues, will also be playing selected venues in 2016. Keep logging in for all the latest information.


Updated 30th June 2015

"After hearing so many great things about Rick McKay and Johnny Cash Revisited I am totally excited to have the opportunity to work on stage with them during our U.K. tour in May 2016. Rick and the band are doing an excellent job of keeping Johnny (Cash's) music alive and well in the U.K. and for that we are grateful" 

All we can say is thankyou for those kind word. All of us involved in the show cannot wait to meet you and perform with you. It's an honour and a privilidge

JCR Vintage Mag Ad


Updated 8th June 2015

We can now confirm that Johnny Cash's original and ONLY drummer WS 'Fluke" Holland will be coming to the UK in 2016 and will be performing with Rick McKay and Starkville City at the Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekender. Fluke's manager and lead guitarist Ron Haney will also be with him and we're looking forward to playing some great music together.

We're looking forward to our next show, which will be at The Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford. 


Updated 8th May 2015

Hi All
Thank you for your kind messages asking if everything is OK with Johnny Cash Revisited. Although we have had to cancel a few dates over the last couple of weeks, everything is still moving ahead more or less as planned. We sincerely apologise to anyone who bought tickets only to be dissappointed. We fully intend to return to the areas affected as soon as possible and will also be announcing some new dates over the next couple of weeks, particularly in the Midlands area.

As with any new show there is a period of settling in and finding our place, and it's not something that can be done quickly if it's to be done right. It's also not easy to let everyone know that there's something new doing the rounds and we've been so grateful for all the help our friends, both online and offline, have given us in our first full year on the road. We really appreciate it.The shows we have played recently have been incredibly successful and our audiences very responsive. It's always great fun and we're looking forward to our upcoming shows, in Honiton, Blackburn and Ilford. Our band, Starkville City, is getting better all the time and we're constantly looking for way to improve Johnny Cash Revisited in any way possible. In the meantime we are all still involved with other projects which fill the gaps between JCR shows.2015 is continuing where 2014 left off in building a firm foundation for what we're sure will be a long running show. Sincere thanks once again for all of your support.

See you all on the road,
Rick & Jodie McKay

here are our next show dates. All are included on our gig guide, but please feel free to copy the images and post them in your area if you like. Thanks.

Updated 14th April 2015

Johnny Cash Revisited was originally produced after Rick McKay was offered the iconic role of Johnny Cash in Marc Robinson's Hank Cash & Cline. After investing heaviliy in preparation for the role he later expanded it into the full two hour show we have today.

When JCR is not touring Rick still performs the role in Hank, Cash & Cline and is currently on tour with the show in Scotland and the North East of England. HCC AD April 2015The show features Sue Lowry as Patsy Ciine and Marc Robinson as Hank Williams, backed by The Driftwood Cowboys, a 6 piece band featuring a very authentic sound including upright bass, fiddle and steel guitar.

More dates are scheduled for later in the year and furture dates will be included on our site alongside our JCR dates.

Further details about Hank, Cash & Cline can be found at
or on Facebook at

Update 25th February 2015

Fluke HollandSet your alarm for 7.00pm tomorrow evening and tune in to Rockin' Dave's Rock 'n' Roll show on BRFM 95.6. The show runs from 7pm to 10pm and this week celebrates Johnny Cash's birthday with guests Rick McKay live in the studio and Johnny Cash's one and only drummer W. S. "Fluke" Holland calling in for a chat from his home in Tennessee. 
You can pick up this station if you're in the Isle of Sheppy area or you can hear it online at by clicking "Listen Live". Rockin' Dave says "all requests welcome" just ring the studio on 01795 874422 or txt 07510984001 or send a message through facebook.

Johnny Cash Revisited was originally intended to be a touring theatre production only but, due to the success of JCR's recent performances at The Marvellous Festival, Tribfest, Malvern Motorhome Show and The Smith & Rogers Country Music TV show, all that is about to change. As it turns out, there is a big audience for the music of Johnny Cash outside of his loyal country music and rock 'n' roll fanbase in the mainstream. The reception that greeted JCR when performing alongside The Bryan Adams Experience and T Rextasy proved it. Because of this and the fact that these shows were a lot of fun to do, we are adapting our show to cater for those type of events and will be playing more of them in future. With our 50's version of the show The Sun of Johnny Cash soon to be launched, we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline to compliment our full theatre shows.


Updated 14th January 2015

We'd like to invite you all to sign our guestbook, especially if you were one of the many who came out to see Johnny Cash Revisited in 2014. Our guestbook was taken down during the year due to a few problems with hacking, but it's back now and we'd love to hear from you. 
We've left our previous comments up and we've also now added a page of quotes we've picked up around the internet and on social media sites etc.. We hope you enjoy reading them and maybe you'll add to them too.

Click on the image to sign our Guestbook...

Thank you. 


Updated 7th January 2015


He's been called "The Father of the drums" and was Johnny Cash's one and ONLY drummer. He played on Carl Perkins' original Sun recording of "Blue Suede Shoes" and also on Carl Mann's 'Mona Lisa", "Pretend" and numerous other classic rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and country recordings. He was the first drummer to play on the "Grand Ole Opry" and now we can proudly say that he will be honouring us by joing Johnny Cash Revisited on stage. Along with his manager and fellow "W. S. Holland Band" member Ron Haney, "Fluke" will be coming to the UK to play selected dates, the full details of which will be announced at a later date.  


Updated 27th November 2014

With our three day run of Christmas Specials just 2 weeks away we are already being bombarded with requests for next year's dates. Well, the wait is over. Here is a list of confirmed dates for the first half of 2015 with more to follow in the coming weeks and also for the second half of the year. A full list of confirmed 2015 dates is available on our Show Dates page.  There will be no shows in January or February due to most theatres being tied up with "Panto Season", but you can always find out what Rick, Jodie and Starkville City are doing over the winter break by visiting Rick's personal website at 

Shows Mar-Jun 2015

Updated 28th October 2014

We've reached the end of our regular show dates for 2014 and Rick, Jodie and Starkville City are now hard at work re-vamping the show and adding some new songs for our Johnny Cash Revisited Christmas Specials in December. We have three booked for this year and planning to have a longer run in 2015. This year's dates are Thursday 11th December at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter, Friday 12th December at Witham Public Halls and Saturday 13th December at The Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham. Full details of all venues, addresses, show times and ticket information links are available from our tour dates page.

Updated 10th October 2014

The Smith & Rogers Country ShowJCR's TELEVISION DEBUT
On Thursday 25th September Johnny Cash Revisited was featured on The Smith and Rogrs Country Show, which airs every Thursday evening at 5.00pm on Sky channel 192, Freesat 402 and Sky=1 channel 293. No less than 6 songs taken from JCR's recent appearance at the TV show's "Summer Time Ball" event were included as well as an interview with Rick, Jodie and Starkville City. The general response from those who watched the show has been very positive and it has also led to a number of enquiries from venues inviting JCR to come and play at their events. Further footage has been show during the last few weeks. 

We are currently talking to OGR Media, who produce The Smith and Rogers Country show, about adding some of their video footage to our website. Although we're unsure as to when this may happen, we are assured that it won't be a problem. Rick, Jodie and Starkville City would like to thank Henry, Glenn, Sammy, Nikki and all at OGR Media for their help and support in bringing JCR to television.

Click on the image above and select SHOW 43 to watch the entire show.

The Sun of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Revisited was recently confirmed as one of many acts to appear at The Rock 'n' Roll Shakedown on 17th July 2015. (full details on our tour dates page) As this weekend event is geared towards the 50's, Rick McKay & Starkville City will be adding a few more of Johnny Cash's classic songs from his time at Sun Records to their repertoire. The set list, which will include some more obscure tunes such as, Straight A's in Love, Katy Too, Country Boy and Train Of Love is looking so good that it is now being developed into a into a spin-off show called The Sun of Johnny Cash, which will play additional dates in 2015.



Updated 26th August 2014

September-October Tour 2014


JCR Xmas Specials


Friday 22nd August saw Rick, Jodie and Starkville City heading down to the south coast and The Smith & Rogers Summer Time Ball. Henry Smith and Glenn Rogers have been adding to their already high profiles recently by launching their own TV show on Sky TV. Their audiences are ever growing and taking country music in the UK to it's widest audience since CMT (Country Music Television) in the 1990s. The TV shows are usually filmed at Pentney Bowls Club in Norfolk, but Henry and Glen invited JCR to perform at their latest festival event at South Downs Holiday Village in Bracklesham Bay. The whole weekend event was also filmed for inclusion in their main TV show at a later date. The Smith & Rogers Country Show can be seen Thursday Evenings on Sky 192, Freesat 402 and Sky+1 293. Set your Skybox to record the series so you don't miss JCR's television debut. The show's website is 

During the Summer Johnny Cash Revisited played at a number of great festival events. The show had to be adapted from it's 2 hour theatre format to fit a 1 hour festival set. This was done by studying the Man in Black himself at his performances in Montreaux and at Glastonbury. The first concert style show Rick McKay and Starkville played was at The Marvellous Festival in Reading on 19th July. It was an eye-operner all around. Starkville followed Rod Stewart on stage and were followed by Bryan Adams, Maroon 4, Michael Jackson, T-Rex and the Eagles!! It was a similar story on 15th August at Tribfest in East Yorkshire, which is the largest event of it's kind in the world. Starkville followed their new friends of The Bryan Adams Experience and were followed by AC-DC!! It was amazing to all that, despite the wide diversity of the audiences at both events, Johnny Cash's music had the crowds hanging over the barriers in front of the stage and people of all ages singing along to his songs both old and new. Tribfest '14. Photo by Laird Jordan Russell

From Tribfest Starkville drove directly to Malvern Gloucestershire to play The Western Motorhome Show. Rick McKay had received a phone call just a few days before this event from headline act and Irish country music legend, Eamon McCann. Unfortunatley, it had become impossible for Eamon to bring his own band over from the Emerald isle, and so he asked if Starkville would be willing to back him. Of course the band agreed and got to work learning Eamon's set. It turned out to be a lot of fun for all concerned, although we're sure Eamon McCann must've been worried about playing a show with a totally new band. You'd never have been able to tell from his performance though. Opening the show that night was Peter White, paying tribute to the legendary Kenny Rogers. Not only did he look the part, but vocally was all but indistinguisable from the real Mr Rogers! 
Starkville took to the stage and were welcomed with a great response from the audience which continued throughout their show, which at this event was sadly only 45 minutes long. Immediately on finishing, Rick met with a few fans and then rushed off to change into the uniform of Eamon McCann's band. Rick had been elected to play bass for Eamon as, like Mark Jacobs and Tony Ariss he was already familiar with much of his material and it would've been much more work for John Standen to learn from scratch in just a few days. John instead got an easy night and sat back to watch the show. Dom Goundar, our drummer for the weekend, shouldered the brunt of the work as he was not only unfamiliar with Eamon's music, but with country music in general. He worked hard in the days prior to the show to score his drum parts, for which we are all very grateful. 

Over the course of this summer we have added two new members to Starkville. Our recent show at Marvellous 2014 festival in Reading introduced Matt Jacobs on drums. Matt is returning from a break from music since his last time on the road touring with "Uncle Mark" Jacobs in Perfect Strangers. With our regular drummer Andy Frost committed to tours abroad with acappella group The Magnets, Matt will become a familiar face on our shows in 2015.

Our line-up at "Smith & Rogers Summer Time Ball" on 22nd August featured Gary Mears on keyboards. A long-time friend of Mark Jacobs from way back in their school days, Gary has now come on board to play keyboards. Tony Ariss will continue to play with us from time to time, although his commitments to Charlie Landsborough and Louisville mean that he is no longer available full-time.

Updated 12th July 2014


FRIDAY 18th JULY: Blakehay Theatre, Weston Super Mare  
Tel: 01934 645493

SATURDAY 19th JULY: The Marvellous Festival, Risley (4pm)  
Tel: 0118 977 4350

FRIDAY 15th AUGUST: Tribfest UK, Driffield (4pm)

SATURDAY 16th AUGUST: Malvern Motorhome Festival, Malvern (Evening Performance)

FRIDAY 12th SEPTEMBER: Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight  
Tel: 01983 527020

SATURDAY 20th SEPTEMBER: The Arts Centre, Haverhill  
Tel: 01440 714140

SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER: Public Halls, Harpenden  
Tel: 01582 767525

SUNDAY 26th OCTOBER: Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
Tel: 0121 643 5858

THURSDAY 11th DECEMBER: Barnfield Theatre, Exeter (PLEASE NOTE: Online tickets not yet available. Please call box office for details)
Tel: 01392 271808 (PLEASE NOTE: This show is a Christmas Special)

FRIDAY 12th DECEMBER: Witham Public Halls, Witham
Tel: 0845 017 8717 (local rate) (PLEASE NOTE: This show is a Christmas Special)

SATURDAY 13th DECEMBER: Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham 
Tel: 01329 223100 (PLEASE NOTE: This show is a Christmas Special)

Further dates to be announced soon....

Updated 8th July 2014

At the heart of Johnny Cash Revisited is the powerhouse band that recreate the sound of Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three. On Lead Guitar we have Mark Jacobs, on upright & Elctric Bass there's John Standen and on drums we have Andy Frost. Although all the members of Starkville City have worked with Rick and Jodie McKay for many years, this is the first time they have all come together in the same project and it's a total blast.

Mark Jacobs joined the Rick McKay Band in 1995 and has collaborated on a number of projects with Rick since then. Mark's style is an extremely unique blend of old and new classic country sounds from the early days of Johnny Cash and George Jones to Dwight Yoakam's legendary guitar player Pete Anderson.

John Standen co-formed rockabilly trio Hot Doggin' with Rick in 2010 and shared lead vocals on their debut album "back On The Road". The two met in 1997 at the sadly missed Brymbo Country Music Festival in Wrexham. John has the ability to lock in with the drummer and create a wall of sound with lots of light and shade and a driving rhythm that is so perfect for recreating the music of Johnny Cash. 

Andy Frost is known for both his excellent and versatile drumming skills, of which we take great advantage, and for his abiliy to perform amazingly realistic "beatbox" drums. Internationally known as the vocal drummer with acappella group The Magnets, Andy's history dates back to the early 90's when he performed alongside Jodie McKay in her brother Glen Mitchell's band.  

Starkville City

Updated 14th May 2014

Rick and Jodie McKay with The Startkville City Band (aka Johnny Cash Revisited) will be performing in concert at The Smith & Rogers "Summer Time ball" weekend event on Friday 22nd August 2014. The Smith and Rogers Country Show The event is scheduled to be filmed for TV and highlights will be shown on future editions os The Smith & Rogers Country show, which airs on Thursday evenings at 5.00pm on Sky Channel 192, Freesat 402 and Sky+1 Channel 293 at 6.00pm. For more details about this event and the Tv show go to

Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, Rosanne Cash and Carlene Carter are ALL in the Top 10 on the Americana Airplay Charts this week. 

Americana Airplay Chart



Updated 30th April 2014

Beginning this coming December Johnny Cash Revisited will be diving into the festive season with a run of "Christmas Specials". The show will still contain all the hits that Johnny Cash fans love to hear, as well as a selections of classic Christmas music that Johnny loved to perform in his own numerous Christmas special TV shows and albums. Fans of Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Willie Nelson and others may also find a few surprises mixed in among the classic Cash tunes. What we can guarantee is that the "Johnny Cash Revisited Christmas Special" will be very different from our main shows, yet every bit as enjoyable and packed with traditional Christmas spirit and fun.

JCR Christmas Special

Johnny Cash Revisited has made a quick start out of the gate with a bunch of successful shows and very positive reactions from audiences everywhere the show has played. So much so that every venue the show has had the opportunity to play so far is already in negotiations for a return visit in 2015. It's obvious that the music of Johnny Cash is as alive and as popular as it ever was with Johnny Cash's previously unreleased "Out Among The Stars" CD currently a top 10 hit album in numerous countries including the UK and in the USA's Billboard country AND pop charts.
New show dates have been added to our calendar this week and more are waiting to go up as soon as the ink dries on the paperwork. Keep an eye on our "shows" page for full details and links to the various venues and their box offices.

With Peter John Jackson about to leave on another tour with Beatles tribute show "Let It Be" Rick will be taking over the role of Johnny Cash until further notice. ALL "Hank, Cash & Cline" shows that feature Rick will be posted on the JCR "shows" page with full details of how you can get your tickets.

Updated 5th March 2014

At the last minute BBC Radio's Steve Cherelle introduced Rick to a representative of Sony Music who promptly invited Rick to attend the launch of Johnny Cash's new CD "Out Among The Stars" at the "Bag O' Nails" club in Soho, London. Rick McKay with John Carter CashThe event was hosted by radio legend Bob Harris with special guest John Carter Cash. Rick had written a full account of his night on our blog page.

We're fresh from our first two full shows and already straining at the bit to get to the next ones which are 28th March at The Barrington Centre, Ferndown and 29th March at The Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford. Straight after that we have 4th April at Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill and 5th April at Cranleigh Arts Centre in Surrey. Read a full account of last weekend's shows on our blog page.

Updated 26th February 2014

We're all celebrating today what would have been Johnny Cash's 82nd birthday. We've spent the day rehearsing for our upcoming shows this weekend, so it's been Johnny Cash all day everyday for the last week. Our shows kick off on Friday 28th February at The Secombe Theatre in Sutton and on the following night, Saturday 1st March at Witham Public Hall, Essex, we'll also be celebrating Johnny and June's 47th Wedding Anniversary. What a week!

We can now confirm that Johnny Cash Revisited will be performing on Friday 15th August at Tribfest. Tribfest 2014The event is the biggest of it's kind in Europe, and possibly the world. Johnny Cash Revisited are very honoured to be the first ever Johnny Cash tribute show to perfom at the event. Full details are available on our "shows" page along with all confirmed show dates for 2014.

Updated 7th February 2014

We would like to wish Johnny Cash a very happRick McKay has been invited to be a guest on Rockin' Dave's Rock 'n' roll Show BRFM 95.6 on Thursday 27th February at 7.00pm. Chatting on the phone with us will be none other than Johnny Cash's original Tennessee Three drummer, W.S. "Fluke" Holland! W. S. HollandAs you can imagine, Rick is very excited about the opportunity of speaking to him.
As it's a dedicated rock 'n' Roll show, Rick will be perfoming some great tracks from Johnny Cash's Sun records era live in the studio, which may even include one or two that you won't hear in the full show, so please make sure you tune in. It's not to be missed.Fluke and JR

Rick travelled down to BRFM yesterday with Marc Robinson to promote Marc's upcoming performance of "Buddy Holly's Winter Dance Party" in Sevenoaks on march 1st. Rick was there to play lead guiar with Marc, although he won't be appearing at Sevenoaks due to his previous engagement with "Johnny Cash Revisited" at Witham Public Halls on the same night.
During the show, in which Marc and DJ Rockin' Dave Norris paid tribute to Buddy, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper playing several songs live in the studio and chatting via telephone to one of Buddy's two older brothers, Larry Holley. Larry is now 88 years old and hard of hearing, but he had some nice words to say about his legendary little brother. 

Here's a link to Rockin' Dave's page on Facebook for more details...

We would like to wish  Garth Brooks a very Happy Birthday and welcoming him back from his long break to be a father to his babies until they reach college age. Since announcing his return to touring he is already breaking records with his 4 sold out dates at Dublin's Croke Park Stadium and looks set to cause havok on his upcoming three year long world tour! Why are we talking about Garth Brooks on a Johnny Cash website? Well, firstly Garth is a big fan of Johnny Cash too and we here are also involved in another theatre production called "Garth Brooks: In Another's Eyes". Check it out at at  

Updated 1st February 2014

Dave Roe, top session musician and bassist with Johnny Cash's "Tennessee Three" from 1991 to 2003 has given JCR a big thumbs up! After taking in all about the show he said "I would recommend this to anyone from old Johnny Cash fans, to newcomers who want to hear the real deal." Needless to say, we're all very happy here. You can read Dave Roe's full quote on our "Press" page. 

Show Dates 2014

Updated 23rd January 2014

We are sorry to announce that our very first show of 2014 has been postponed until later in the year. As yet we are unsure as to why this has happened but can assure anyone who has purchased tickets that all money will be reimbursed. Those who reserved their tickets via the venue's website were not charged at the time of booking. 

Updated 2nd December 2013

After much deliberation Rick has decided not to join the cast of Barry Steele's Roy Orbison and Friends in 2014. Although he has enjoyed the shows he's performed on this, the logistics of fitting dates in between his own Johnny Cash Revisited shows and those with Marc Robinson and Pure Country proved difficult to fit in. 

Updated 4th November 2013

A.M. Productions and Rickord Productions have today officially announced that a new version of Johnny Cash Revisited Duo Show Posterwill make its debut in January at the Colourhouse Theatre in Merton. The new version of the show features two separate performances. The first half of the show will feature Jodie and Rick in their roles as Johnny Cash and June Carter featuring many of Cash’s solo hits and the couple’s duets.
The second half of the show will feature Jodie and Rick in familiar form as the award winning duo “Pure Country”. They will perform a lively set of classic country music to suit all fans of the genre. Jodie McKay as June Carter

Jodie McKay's original role in the show was to be just one or possibly two duets but such has been the reaction to her performance that Jodie's role has been expanded to include a number of duets and also a solo spot as June Carter. Jodie has also been teaching herself to play the Autoharp, as played by June and her Mother Maybelle Carter, which will also become a feature in future shows. 



updated 21st October 2013

Johnny Cash Revisited made it's debut performance at The Clifftown Theatre in Southend on Friday 18th October. Thanks to the support of Rick McKay's guest spot on Steve Cherelle's" Big Country Show" on BBC Essex and The Southend Echo for a full page feature, the show was a complete sell out with extra seating having to be added to accomodate the additional demand. JCR Clifftown 01
An enthusiastic crowd greeted the show with loud applause and needed little encouragement in singing along throughout. The audience also joined in with some role-play as "prisoners" during "San Quentin" and gave the company a much appreciated standing ovation at the end.
The show is scheduled to return to The Clifftown next year on the same date (Oct 18th) although it has not been officially confirmed at this point.




Updated 5th September 2013

Please contact the venue via their website or by calling the box office on the number below. 
The Clifftown Theatre, Nelson Street, Southend On Sea, SS1 1EF
Box Office: 01702 328335 - Website:

Tickets available from the box office and online. 
Witham Public Hall, Collingwood Road, Witham CM8 2DY
Box Office: 0845 017 8717 (local rate) - Website:

Updated 15th August 2013

Johnny Cash Revisited will be featured in two of the UK's top Country Music magazines in their recent and upcoming issues. Country Music & Dance in Scotland (CMDS Magzine) CMDS Cover Aug-Sep 13featured JCR in a two page spread in their August/September issue with pictures and The Newsround, East Anglia's guide to Country and Irish music will be featuring the show with a full page and has even splashed Rick all over the front cover! Also included in both publications are full contact details for the show and other related information.Newsround Cover Oct-Nov 13
Rick and JCR would like to Thank Brigitte Strachan (Editor, CMDS) and Jayne Hanley (Editor, Newsround) for their support, as always with anything Rick has been involved in over the last few years.

To find out more about these publications or to buy a copy follows the links below...

Country Music & Dance in Scotland 

The Newsround (East Anglia)

Dates have been added to our diary and full details will be posted in "Shows" over the next few days. 

Tickets are now available online for JCR's show at The Clifftown Theatre & Studios, Southend. A direct link to the venue's website is available in "Shows". Tickets will also be available from the box office from the beginning of September. 


Updated 31st July 2013

Rick McKay's "A Tribute to Johnny Cash" CD is now available to by from iTunes and other leading download outlets.

A Tribute to Johnny Cash - Rick McKay


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Updated 26th July 2013 


Rick is proud to announce that he will be playing Sigma Guitars on tour with Johnny Cash Revisited. The company are part of Martin Guitars which Johnny Cash used throughout his entire career. Check out our links page for more information about these quality instruments.

Despite some unavoidable last minute changes to the band line-up, Rick's first performance as Johnny Cash with "Starkville City" on 20th July was by all accounts a huge success. Rick, with Rob Tyler on Drums, Mike Abbott on Upright Bass and Tom Levin on Lead guitar received an enthusiastic reception from the large crowd and also from fellow performers and the event organisers on a beautiful sunny day.
The Welshpool Country Music Festival I an event any country music fan should try and get to. The setting in the Welsh valleys is stunning and the crowd very friendly and full of fun. Rick says he may go back next year with his family whether he’s playing on the event or not.



Updated 19th July 2013

Tickets for JCR's appearance at The Clifftown Theatre, Southend-On-Sea are now available online direct from the venue's website. Please follow this link to and click "Box Office". 
The Clifftown Theatre is a beautiful converted Church which also houses the E15 Acting School. This show will be JCR's debut theatre performance so we hope you'll come out and see us. Brochure Ad

Check out our "Shows" page for information about new dates added to our diary, plus information about Rick's guest appearances in "Roy Orbison & Friends" 

From 26th October Rick McKay will be joining the cast of Barry Steele's "Roy Orbison & Friends" in the role of Johnny Cash as a guest performer on many of their shows. Rick is particularly excited about it because he is also a big Roy Orbison fan having once scoured the UK to collect a copy every 45rpm, E.P. and L.P. record "The Big O" ever released. All have since been replaced on CD since Rick sold his collection when he moved to Nashville in 1994.
RO&F dates will be listed alongside our own JCR dates with full details of venues and box office contact information. 

Updated 6th June 2013

8 new song clips have been added to our "Audio" page. The tracks offer a preview of Rick's upcoming CD "A Tribute to Johnny Cash" which will be officially released on 4th July. Rick will be performing as Johnny Cash on that date in Marc Robinson's "Hank, Cash & Cline" show at Haverhill Arts Centre where copies of the CD will be available to buy.


Updated 1st June 2013

Rick McKay will be appearing as Johnny Cash in Barrie Steele's "Roy Orbison & Friends". Rick is also a long time fan of the Big O, and since he and Mr Cash were such close friends and neighbours, it seems like a perfect match. The show will take place at The Assembly Rooms in Derby on 26th October 2013.

We have confirmation that JCR will be a part of the 2013 Welshpool Country Music Festival. Details in our gig guide.

Updated 8th May 2013

Rehearsals have begun for JCR and will continue over the next few weeks. Some smaller venues have expressed an interest in booking the show and so a one-man version of the show will also be made available.

Recording of a soundtrack album featuring a selection of songs from the show and a few we didn't have time to include is under way. The CD album is scheduled for completion later this month with it's official release shortly afterwards. 

Updated 24th February 2013


Band members for Johnny Cash Revisited have now been confirmed. The show's "Tennessee Three" will be, Paul Gaskin (guitar) Rob Tyler (drums) and Dean Amos (bass) All three are highly respected musicians with a wealth of experience under their belts.
Messers Tyler and Gaskin are already performing with Rick McKay as "Unforgiven", a "no holds barred" rockabilly trio with a repertoire featuring many of Rick's own compilations and carefully chosen covers given the rockabilly treatment.

Updated: February 4th 2013

We can confirm that Johnny Cash Revisited with a full band will be performing at Pontins Holiday Park during "Country Music Week" on October 1st 2013. We have now added a "Shows" page to our website for full details and will be adding more dates as they come in.

Updated: February 1st 2013

We now have a fan page at
Although ALL news and information will initially be posted on this site, our Facebook page is a great place to contact other fans of the show and discuss any issues about it.