In 1954 when Johnny Cash first arrived at Sam Phillips’ Sun Recording Studio in Memphis it was with the intention of recording Gospel music. Sam had other ideas though and it wasn’t until the following spring that Johnny Cash, Marshall Grant and Luther Perkins recorded their first songs for Sun. A rare colour shot taken at Sun Studios

Those first songs, “Hey Porter”, “Cry, Cry, Cry”, “So Doggone Lonesome” and “Folsom Prison Blues” gave Johnny Cash a great start in the industry but the next one, “I Walk The Line”, guaranteed Johnny Cash a place in history selling over 2 million copies and remaining on the Billboard charts for an astounding 43 weeks!

Johnny Cash’s career from then has become the stuff of legend as has the man himself. From those early days in Memphis to his final days recording in his studio at home, and on to his death in 2003, Johnny Cash remained true to his own beliefs, his family, his music, and his fans. The quality and power of his work never wavered - and as proof we have the 96 albums and 153 singles he released as evidence.An iconic picture of Johnny Cash

This tribute show aims to showcase the spirit of Johnny Cash’s music by performing some of his best songs as closely as we can get to the manner in which Johnny himself performed them.

No one can ever take his place, but we promise do our best to keep his music alive and, on stage where it belongs.

We are under no illusions. There is only one “Man in Black”, Johnny Cash.