Elvis & Cash

There are a number of parallels between Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Both served in the military. Both began their musical careers on the legendary Sun Records label. Both had an extremely close bond with their mothers, and both struggled to overcome their respective personal issues over the years.
The similarity most often left unmentioned however, is how both saw their musical careers take a backseat to the British invasion of the US charts in the early to mid 1960's and were, to all but their fans, written off. Refusing to be beaten, and through pure determination and talent, both made major comebacks in 1968. Johnny Cash with his "Live at Folsom Prison" album and Elvis with his NBC television special or “68 Comeback Special” as it is now known. 

ELVIS & CASH is all about the music and the passion that made these two legendary performers the iconic characters they are today.
From their early days, to their ultimate transition from popular artistes to legends, the music is all here in one fantastic show, packed with hit after classic hit.

Featuring Steve Halliday as Elvis Presley and Rick McKay as Johnny Cash. This show boasts a feast of classic rock 'n' roll and country music presented by two performers who by their own declarations are first and foremost "fans" of their respective, and indeed each other's, characters.